• Planning: we ask you about your goals, expectations, budget and timeline in order to give you a detailed cost estimate outlining all the tasks involved.
  • Brand assessment: we ask you about your current project image or brand identity, who your target audiences are and what they care about, and your project’s key messages and unique differentiation. You receive a completed Creative Concept Worksheet summary for review.
  • Creative development: we discuss with you how to reach your communications goals through strategic graphic design. You will receive a design brief and/or at least one design comp for discussion.
  • Revisions: we deliver each draft layout for discussion and revisions as requested. We know you’re the subject matter expert and we remain flexible and accommodating. We can help you achieve maximum clarity and impact.



  • Brand assessment and identity development
  • Creative concept development and team facilitation
  • Strategic graphic design for marketing, advertising, education and information
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Original illustration, photography and photo editing
  • Digital production and print coordination


  • Logos and graphics standards
  • Newsletters, brochures, reports, proposals
  • Posters, displays, exhibits and signage
  • Ads, flyers, postcards, door hangers
  • Maps, charts, graphs
  • Web-ready graphics and web design
  • Lots of other stuff


In May, 2013, Betty Hageman led a workshop, “Managing a Graphic Design Project” for the Seattle Chapter of the Association for Women in Communications (AWC). This presentation is available upon request:

“You need to produce a quick flyer or a new suite of marketing collateral. Can you or one of your staff design a brochure or website? In this one-hour workshop, Graphic Designer Betty Hageman will help you determine when you should take on a project in-house and when you should hire an outside professional. She’ll walk you through the basics of how to work with a designer, and how to plan for and see a project through from start to finish.
By the end of the hour, you’ll have a handle on graphic design terms, expectations of designers, and an understanding of graphic design principles so that you can make a decision about when to hire and when to do it yourself.”