Established in 1983, Betty Hageman Graphic Design specializes in working with organizations that provide public and professional services.

Betty Hageman has worked as a freelancer, consultant and in-house staff for professional firms, public agencies, nonprofits and various businesses in the Pacific Northwest. She has won numerous awards for promotional and informational design.

Betty’s areas of focus are environmental sustainability, natural resources management, community development, health care, education, transportation and arts and culture.

pond scumFINE ART

In 2005 Betty returned to her roots as an artist, creating and exhibiting artworks based on the natural environment and specific ecologies around the country. She has been awarded artist residencies in Georgia, Wyoming, Oregon, and California.

Some of Betty’s canvases were buried in order to collect patterns formed by weather, minerals and mold. She also paints with soil, compost, charcoal and acrylics. Other pieces incorporate handmade paper pulped from recycled reports on habitat restoration and sustainable development.

Betty’s work appears regularly in galleries and juried exhibitions throughout the region.


Full moons, turtles, yoga, hiking, Hosier and AWOLNation, artichokes, snorkeling, pruning trees, foreign detective fiction, color in all forms.



Hard candy, misleading political claims, racoons in the water fountain.